Delyth Jewell, Healthy Air Champion

Senedd Regional Member (South East Wales), Plaid Cymru and Spokesperson for Climate Change, Energy & Transport

As a Healthy Air Champion, Delyth raises awareness of the impact of poor air quality on our everyday lives.

Alongside Healthy Air Cymru’s other Healthy Air Champions, Delyth is working hard to get Wales a Clean Air Act.

Delyth, who was born in Caerphilly, is Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson on climate change. She is on a number of committees, including Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee, and the Cross-party Group for a Clean Air Act for Wales.

As Delyth says:

‘Air pollution affects every generation increasing the chances of miscarriage, damaging our children’s lungs and affecting us both physically and mentally into our old age. Without swift action,  we gamble with the lives of generations not yet born, and condemn children to grow up with stunted lungs. No more. We need a Clean Air Act for Wales.’

Air pollution contributes to almost 1,400 early deaths in Wales and costs the Welsh NHS almost £1billion every year. Many families across Wales feel the impact of air pollution on their daily lives. More and more children are developing asthma, their lungs are not developing as they should be, and people’s existing health conditions are getting worse. To save lives, and improve the health of the nation, we need legislation as soon as possible to clean up the air that we breathe.

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